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Business communities

We founded the fashionGroup RFID initiative in 2003. The initiative was wound up after twelve years at the end of 2015 when its objectives had been achieved – because we, together with well-known companies, had progressed the important issue of RFID to a level of maturity that now means it can be used trouble-free and in a way that exploits its full potential. 

In these twelve years we accumulated a very high level of specialist expertise – as industry initiatives require a great deal of tact and methodology expertise on the part of the chairperson who often acts as a trustee of sensitive information, since competitors often sit at the same table to work together on key industry issues.

We bring this expertise to the table in our partnerships with the GermanFashion association with and our international networks, thereby helping to develop and roll out the relevant standards in our key sectors.

We are currently chairing an international industry initiative called "Data Exchange Pilot Project" in which IT companies, material suppliers, clothing companies and associations are working together to develop entirely new techniques and technologies for tomorrow's value chains in three key areas (digital colour communication, master data automation and collaborative planning).