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The GCS Consultant Platform – joining forces for you, for us and for our clients

Good advice needs both detailed knowledge and an eye for the "big picture". Good solutions are based on specialisation, task-sharing and partnership. Our vision is for a collaborative platform as a service offering featuring a host of expertise and resources that meet the requirements of the industry head-on and are also made available to independent partners.

Using our consulting approaches and products developed specifically for the industry, we are able to address all major industry issues for clients both large and small with highly efficient, easily adaptable and scalable solutions.

Our platform approach

More and more parts of the economy are moving away from conventional "pipeline" organisations. In very abstract terms, digital platforms can be defined as products, services or technologies that a variety of companies can use to offer complementary products, services and technologies. Each participant gives something to the platform – and, in return, gets more than it gives.

A platform is not a network

In a network, independent, often equal players come together to form what tend to be no-obligation syndicates without any long-term shared added value, with few synergies and without using common techniques.


What will partnering with GCS Consulting mean for you? You'll get the benefit of a large pool of consulting products, example projects, professional techniques and solution models that will help you achieve your project goals effectively. You'll get the benefit of our broad-based consulting network enabling high-quality sharing of experience and giving you a resource pool for sizeable projects.

Marketing promotions

In addition, we will present a common face to clients at events, forums, trade fairs, steering committees, and via newsletters, seminars and workshops, thus creating the basis for ongoing sales, revenue streams and capacity utilisation. We'll help you with project deliverables across the entire commercial and organisational spectrum.

Want to be part of this?

Drop us a line. We'll be delighted to hear from you.