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Opportunities at GCS
Consulting GmbH

We're always on the look-out for new colleagues that speak fluent German and share our commitment. If you're interested, we'll be happy to receive your electronic application documents in German at

Why we're a great place to work


Management determines the values in any company. For us, the owners, our employees are just as much at the heart of the business as our clients are. It's only by having happy people on board that we, as a team, can drive client projects to lasting success.

Industry focus

For many years now, we've been the go-to specialist consulting firm in the fashion, sports, luxury goods and lifestyle space, striving to be a strategic consulting partner who's strong on implementation, and exploiting all the innovations and developments that concern forward-looking companies today. What this means for our team is the ability to become conversant with a multitude of innovative topics right across the industry in an environment where nearly all core processes are going digital.

Affinity to fashion

If you have a special affinity to fashion in the above sectors and enjoy shaping what are usually very challenging projects – ever with a keen eye on solutions – you'll be able to learn a lot from us in almost all parts of an extremely diverse industry, especially seeing as we've developed a comprehensive tool set for our project work, which is available to all team members and is constantly being refined as we move forward together.

Agility is us

What we recommend to our clients we also do ourselves. The days of purely sequential projects are over, because our clients are increasingly being challenged by consumer needs and also expect us to deliver fast, efficient projects, where "low-hanging fruit" can be harvested and changes implemented right away in conjunction with the client's employees. Therefore, in the work we do, agility is not a consultant's buzzword, but a reality we live and breathe.

What we offer employees, and what we expect from you

Space for personal and professional development

Twice a year we sit down with our people and explore their personal and career goals in a structured way, aligning their deployment on existing projects to suit the direction they, and we, want to go in. In order to develop the potential revealed, we offer an annual training budget that can be used by the employee in consultation with us (so we understand what benefits GCS will get from your training). We pay for the training, and we pay you while doing it.

Work life balance

Quite frankly: the consulting life is one of cloudbursts and droughts. That said, one of our canons of faith is that working hours should only be exceeded by any significant margin when absolutely necessary. In return, we've introduced home office arrangements and working hours "on trust" – which both work very well right now and save a lot of unnecessary effort.

Giving you space

We're firm believers in "self-effective teams" and give all our people a great deal of freedom in the way they do their jobs – something you have to fight hard for in organisations elsewhere – but at GCS, the challenge is more how to use that latitude, and with our flat organisation we'll be happy to guide you and watch you grow.

We want movers and shakers

With our flat organisation and regular team meetings, it's the best idea that counts, irrespective of who suggests it. People who love making things happen feel right at home here.

What we expect of you

You can't know everything, and we don't expect you to. However, you can only use the above freedoms to good effect if you enjoy our industry, have the relevant practical and theoretical knowledge, are flexible in the way you think and act, and are prepared to engage in ongoing professional training. We also expect initiative, individuality, team spirit and humour :-).

Consulting with prospects – 6 career stages

How long each of the stages takes depends mainly on you, in particular what skills and knowledge you already have and how quickly you can learn and start contributing to us and to our clients. For applicants with more career experience and highly specialised candidates, we agree your level of entry at interview during the application process.


No vacancy? Contact us anyway. We're always happy to receive unsolicited applications.