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Know-how on demand – we'll give you exactly the expertise you need, either as information or as a resource at your disposal.

We derive our expertise from our own industry surveys and benchmarks, from research activities, feedback at seminars, industry projects and jointly developed solution approaches from a multitude of client projects.

In a world where almost all business areas and business processes are going digital, small and medium-sized enterprises – especially – are increasingly finding it uneconomical to maintain the necessary expertise in-house. Our job is to close these gaps for you – acting as a resource pool from which you draw only the expertise you need in any specific instance. This kind of long-term partnership will help your business thrive.

Industry relevance

Digitalisation and, above all, taking a holistic view of value chains are increasingly the drivers behind what's happening in the fashion industry. We have the experience and expertise to exploit these drivers in ways to suit your specific requirements. That way, you stay at the leading edge.

Planning to win

Scalable consulting products within a modular architecture enable our specialists to produce made-to-measure solutions. When it comes to embedding upcoming changes professionally in a company by securing the buy-in of the teams that work within it, pro-active change management is a must-have ingredient of every project, and it's an integral part of our daily consulting work.


We understand concepts as a menu of measures for achieving goals. Our focus is always on implementation.  We also like to share ideas with you in a partnership of equals, which is why we like to use active hands-on workshops and provide advice and guidance in parallel. Taking your teams along with you lays a sure foundation for successful projects.

Fashion meets tech

The fashion industry is our home – we love fashion, and we love innovative products. From the latest technology standards to machine learning and artificial intelligence – we follow the major industry developments and help shape them at the leading edge in our industry projects and international networks. This way, we can provide rock-solid foundations for your innovation.

Consulting areas

Structure provides security – modularity creates added value. That's why our consulting approaches are modular, scalable and made-to-measure. Each consulting product contains sets of pre-prepared technique tools, enabling us to offer you even better value for money.

However, we attach great importance to developing custom solutions for each client – often in the form of scenarios. After all, our clients' requirements are as diverse as their own abilities and possibilities.

In-house training programmes

Many changes and recurring issues in companies affect not only individuals, but increasingly also many people and even entire groups of individuals right across departments. It can make sense in such scenarios not simply to send individual employees to seminars, but to have a training event tailored to the needs of your company and carried out in-house.

This approach also saves travel time and travelling expenses and offers the opportunity to be more generous when it comes to choosing who should attend. This also allows internal company issues to be incorporated as required, enabling real-life output to be produced and discussed in the respective workshops as befits your internal requirements. 

Because our experience shows that some topics crop up with a certain regularity, we have developed our own in-house training programme containing industry-specific content while we're also able to add extra content or explore certain subject matter in greater depth, as your business requires.


We live in days of rapid change – for a wide variety of reasons. As a result, choosing the best way
forward in key process and strategy matters is becoming more and more of a challenge.

In this knowledge, and tracking the very latest digitalisation trends, we regularly conduct industry surveys in collaboration with the GermanFashion trade association. Drawing comparisons against relevant key metrics in the industry gives our members valuable input and uncovers a great deal of pragmatic approaches. 

In addition, we regularly publish specialist articles in the GermanFashion newsletter on current topics and questions that we encounter in our projects.  

We hope you find it an exciting read and want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part in, and helped with, compiling these benchmarks.