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Procurement 4.0

This company seminar provides valuable insights into the importance of SCM and innovative procurement strategies and offers a multitude of suggestions for designing processes and using up-to-the-minute IT tools, as well as giving you the benefit of real-life experience. Small and medium-sized businesses, especially, are faced with setting up efficient, transparent procurement structures with the resources available, often without the aid of specialists. This can only be achieved by being conversant with modern tools and putting existing applications to efficient use. 

As well as best-practice solutions, the seminar conveys practical techniques for modern, efficient product development which then sets the course for sourcing, procurement and SCM. This seminar is made even more practice-related by the in-depth sharing of experience in groups and with the speaker. 

If you are interested in this in-house training program, please contact us.

Procurement 4.0 (German)