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Building integrated planning and quality processes


Optimising core process workflow in the various procurement


Optimise channels (make-or-buy)


Optimising related IT systems (ERP, PPS, SCM, etc.)


Increasing productivity among your existing suppliers


Organisational set-up in multiple-brand environment


Digitalisation, especially integration of suppliers, producers and other procurement and development partners


Target time index for more precise costing and planning

The roles of sourcing and procurement are currently changing dramatically.

In addition to traditional product-related skills and "good pricing", suddenly strategic SCM skills are de rigueur. The boundaries with logistics are becoming blurred, and wide-ranging IT skills are called for. At the same time, it is important to preserve "conventional" knowledge, since the requirements made of high-quality products, integrated quality management, sophisticated planning processes and active management of value chains are also growing. The bottom line is that procurement is now becoming an essential internal driver as a source of value-add. 

We help our clients navigate this new roadmap of roles, adapt structures to changed scenarios and, by so doing, make the business fit-for-the-future as regards procurement, avoiding duplication of work, using the latest standards and, at the same time, preserving inherited knowledge of production processes and processing techniques.     

We are bringing our practical expertise to bear in almost all procurement working groups being run by the GermanFashion trade association. 


Supply Chain Management Benchmark 2018 (German) (89,00 €)

Consulting area - Production/Specification time file (German)