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New End- to- End Project - Global Textile Scheme Initiative

Where are we coming from?

Our Pilot Project Data Exchange has ended successfully!

From May 2019 to July 2020 in the data exchange pilot project, 37 companies (suppliers, clothing companies, IT providers, associations) looked for more efficient ways of exchanging particularly labor-intensive and strategically important data between apparel companies and suppliers in the future with less manual effort.

Find out what specific cost savings options are available and how the initiative will continue:


Update - Extensive Best Practices Reccomendation

Get our our latest Best Practices Recommendation - the result of our Pilot Project Data Exchange.

Learn from industry experts and early movers, which efficiency potentials exist in textile value chains - by automated exchange of labor intensive data.


Where are we heading to?

The Global Textile Scheme (GTS) Initiative

The GTS Initiative was founded in August 2020 in order to put the approaches, methods and other results from the data exchange pilot project into practice in a timely manner.

Why Global Textile Scheme Initiative?

Today the exchange of product master data between companies along the textile value chains creates major manual workload and huge costs.

Global Textile Scheme Initiative is a joint venture of companies from all areas of textile value chains.

The goal of the initiative is to improve efficiency in exchanging of data, that

  • are either very labor intensive in processing
  • or have significant strategic value.

The base for a structured approach the group developed is a so-called Global Textile Language (GTL), a coded list of harmonized product master data that can be used in the required language.

Another special feature is the principle of being able to pull data in the future at the push of a button, as the members are convinced that this is the only way to enable real-time processes.

On the operative side, the group will run a clearing center called GTS-Cat, which is adapted to the specific needs of the members, which the group determines in thematic work groups.

An additional benefit for suppliers is the fact, that GTS-Cat will allow material suppliers the monitoring of the demand development of their products at the brands, which are using GTS-Cat.

The technology, the management of the initiative and and the pricing is intentionally set up in a way, that even small companies

  • can afford the use case and
  • can be technically capable to use the services.

The benefit of participation is less costs and more delivery speed.

The idea behind the Global Textile scheme Initiative is, that if many participants join forces and work in the same direction, efficiency goes up and fees go down.

Here you find further details:

If you want to learn more about this valuable initiative, please contact:

Andreas Schneider, Managing Partner